SNEHAJWALA- It Is All About:

Instilling an Attitude of Assertiveness Within Women

Enhancing Self Confidence while facing Situations

Imparting Self Defense Training to Women for Self Protection

Empowering Women to Initiate and Participate In All Realms

To stand up for oneself in face of Gender Bias

*Its All About Women's Safety & Freedom

Camp Details

Camp at Swasthi Foundation Date  25/12/2018 ,  9.30 am Address  (click address to see Google Map) 11/1192, House No 14 , Watts Lane, Nanthancode Trivandrum Contact 7012050110         Email

Snehajwala Camp

The Camps Me against an unfair world?! My Gender, My Physique, My Size up against the Big Burly Bruiser.?!And you expect me to hold my own against them. Do you honestly think , I stand a chance. DO YOU REALLY THINK I CAN???? YES, YOU CAN !!!   The Snehajwala camps are designed to impart useful and easy to learn self defense techniques . The purpose is to help women protect themselves in dangerous situations Camp Routines Introduction : Meeting one another Warm Up Session Basic Techniques Training Workshop: A personalized interactive session, to voice concerns and seek solutions Induction into Snehajwala      


Gender Bias is a prime cause for the under utilization of our most valuable National Resource,-‘Human Resource’. How can any nation strive for excellence with half of its population not being allowed the freedom  to conribute?         (Dr G KIshore, Snehajwala, Project Director)       Women’s safety is not a matter of concern only for the Government and the Police. It is the need of the hour to have the entire society actively involved and contributing their best. ( Sri S Gopinath, Snehajwala, Project Director)                   It is time for women to stand up for themselves. Rather than depend  others.  She need to be in charge […]


  Dark Alleys? Lonely Roads ? Crowded Transport or Railway Coaches? There are a million dark corners where a woman can feel unsafe, especially once the evening sets in. And there are times when these fears are not completely uncalled for… There are times when the wolf in bushes, the molester on the road or the rascal in the crowd may chances upon a woman, all on her own. It is indeed an unsafe world for defenseless women. Only if they are defenseless………….. Well, not anymore… Snehajwala Camps train women in basic self defense, enabling them to ward off danger to their person.